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Cystine lactose electrolyte deficient (CLED) + Violet red bile glucose (VRBG) Dipslides (Box of 10)

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  • Cystine lactose electrolyte deficient (CLED) + Violet red bile glucose (VRBG) Dipslides (Box of 10)
Cystine lactose electrolyte deficient (CLED) + Violet red bile glucose (VRBG) Dipslides (Box of 10)

CLED Agar tests for total count bacteria in urinary organisms and supports the growth of all urinary potential pathogens. VRBG tests for the presence of Enterobacteriaceae. 

Pack Size
10 dipslides

Made in the UK
Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified conditions.
Pay via Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or bank transfer online. PO number can be added during checkout if required.


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 150.

Reward Points By buying this product you can collect up to 1650 points.
Volume Discounts
Order 250 or more boxes Receive a 14.24% discount Price per box £10.26
Order 500 or more boxes Receive a 18.89% discount Price per box £9.70
Order 1000 or more boxes Receive a 33.65% discount Price per box £7.94
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Product Information
Front Agar Type Cystine Lactose Electrolyte Deficient (CLED)
Front Agar Colour Green
Front Agar Growth Total Count
Rear Agar Type Violet Red Bile Glucose (VRBG)
Rear Agar Colour Red/Purple
Rear Agar Growth Enterobacteriaceae
Shelf Life 6 to 8 months
Certification ISO 9001
Important information To ensure that we can offer our customers maximum shelf life, these slides are manufactured to order and as a result, delivery can be up to 5 weeks.

About the cystine lactose electrolyte deficient (cled) + violet red bile glucose (vrbg) dipslides (box of 10)

The CV Dipslide features two different agars (culture medium). One side has CLED (Cystine lactose electrolyte deficient) agar. This agar tests for total count bacteria in urinary organisms and supports the growth of all urinary potential pathogens. The other side has VRBG (Violet red bile glucose) agar. This agar tests for the presence of Enterobacteriaceae.

Enterobacteria are a common cause of urinary tract infections and can be present in urine samples. These slides would be ideal for clinical samples.

Industry sectors include

  • Clinical
  • Urinary bacteriology

If your sample contains microbiological contaminants, colonies will grow on the dipslide agars. You can then count the colonies on the agar and compare with the included chart to assess the level of infection.

The dipslide box includes 10 dipslides with each dipslide housed within a shatterproof plastic tube.

Using the CV Dipslide

To test a urine sample, once the patient has collected a sample, immerse the slide within it for 10 seconds then incubate.

Remove CV slide from tube

Step 1 : Remove slide

Carefully remove the sterile CV dip slide from its tube ensuring that no contact is made with the agar (to avoid contamination).

Surface testing

Step 2 : If Surface Testing

For surface testing, press the CV dipslide onto the surface. If needed, place a finger on the bottom of the slide (on the plastic, not the agar) to apply extra pressure.

Liquid Testing

Step 2 : If liquid testing

For liquid testing, immerse the CV dipslide into the fluid for 10 seconds then remove and allow to drain for a few seconds.

Swab Testing

Step 2 : If swab testing

Apply a sample of the test substance to a sterile swab and gently apply to the agars.

Incubate the dipslide

Step 3 : Incubate Slide

Label the tube with the included stickers then place the slide into an incubator and allow to incubate.

compare dipslide results

Step 4 : Compare results

Count the amount of colonies that have grown on the slide and compare them to the comparison chart provided.

CV Dipslide Features

Flexible paddle

Flexible Paddle

Each dipslide features a virtually unbreakable and flexible paddle allowing for even, full surface testing.

Easy run off design

Easy Run Off Design

Due to the design of the dipslide, fluids will drain off quickly during testing.

Recessed Handle

Recessed Handle

Each slide has a handle built into the lid that is recessed to help keep your fingers dry during testing.

Side Indicator

Side Indicator

One side of the slide will have a circle indicator so you know which side was used for testing which type of contaminant.

Dual sided paddle

Dual Sided

Each dipslide is dual sided to allow multiple contamination testing with one test

Thick reliable Agar

Thick Reliable Agar

Each agar is thick (approx 4mm) and raised above the dipslide to allow for easy surface testing.

Additional Details

Product Reference : CV

Internal catalogue reference : DS001-66

Product external rating on

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Download MSDS

MSDS Sheet for Dipslides

Download (278.29k)