Cosmetic microbial test kit, dipslides and swabs to test for spoilage in cosmetic products. Test for bacteria, yeasts and moulds using our cosmetic dipslides. Use our sterile swabs to transfer samples onto the dipslides or simply dip the dipslide in the sample. Our cosmetic kit includes dipslides, an incubator and swabs.

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Cosmetic Dipslides (Box of 10)


Cosmetic dipslides: Test for bacteria, yeasts and moulds using our easy to use dipslides.

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Cosmetics Bacteria & Yeasts / Moulds Test Kit (Microbial Test Kit)


This cosmetics test kit contains 1 GNAT MX2 Dipslide Incubator, 20 Cosmetic Dipslides and 40 sterile swabs.

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Sterile Swabs (individually wrapped) X 10


Individually wrapped sterile swabs - ideal for cosmetics dipslide testing. 10 swabs per pack.

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