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Metal Cutting Fluid Dipslides (Box of 10)


Metal Cutting Fluid Dipslides (MCBTM2™) used to comply with HSE testing regulations. Each dipslide box includes 10 dipslide tests. 

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Metal Cutting Fluid Bacteria & pH Test Kit


Correctly check your metal cutting / metalworking fluids for bacteria and pH levels to comply with HSE guidelines.

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Premium Metal Cutting Fluid Bacteria & pH Tester Kit


Premium Metal Cutting Fluid Kit with 8 dipslide capacity incubator, 2 boxes of dipslides and a pH Tester.

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Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) Metal Cutting Fluids Test (Box of 10)


Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (anaerobic culture gel) test tube.

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Metal Cutting / Working Fluid Refractometer 0-32% Brix


Refractometer for determining the concentration of industrial fluids.

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1 x box of Johnson Universal pH indicator strips


pH test strips for testing Metal Cutting Fluid.

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Digital pH Tester


Easy to use, waterproof handheld digital pH tester. Comes with pH buffer calibration solution.

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