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Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have. If you are not sure which dipslide you require, let us know below what you are testing for. If you already use a different brand of dipslide and would like to switch to ours, make sure to include the current brand and (if possible) the model number of the slide that you are currently using.

Phone : 00 44 133 782 9121

Can I make a payment offline?
We can accept orders offline if the value is over £1000 but these are subject to an additional 1.4% surcharge to cover administration costs. You will also not benefit from the reward points system as this will only work with website orders. If you have a purchase order, you can enter this on our website during checkout and pay via bank transfer.

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We aim to respond to all questions within 20 minutes (during business hours).

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If you wish to e-mail us you can either use the above form (advised as this bypasses our systems spam filters resulting in quicker response times) or e-mail directly.