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About was created after we noticed that no company out there was concentrating purely on dipslides. We wanted to offer high quality dipslides without diluting our attention / business by offering other products. We feel that using our expertise on a product that we know best, offers our customers the best service and products.

We wanted to provide global customers with an opportunity to purchase UK manufactured dipslides. The feedback that we received was that it was difficult for buyers in USA and other non UK countries to access UK dipslides without paying large shipping costs and experiencing delays. To counteract this problem, we offer global shipping at extremely competitive rates and pride ourselves on fast delivery (2 - 7 working days from dispatch).

We are UK based and we have decades of experience offering water treatment products alongside medical and laboratory supplies to the public with our sister company RMS Limited. In 2014, we set up and branched out into providing dipslides and dipslide incubators online via this dedicated website. In 2016, we launched our ‘Create your own’ bespoke dipslide service. This revolutionary service allows anyone to create their own run of 150 + boxes of dipslides by choosing their own agars.

We sell to both trade and retail and buyers can purchase our slides in 5 different currencies.

We look forward to conducting business with you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.