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Additional items often included in kits are displayed here to allow you to re-order them as and when required.


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Metal Cutting / Working Fluid Refractometer 0-32% Brix


Refractometer for determining the concentration of industrial fluids.

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1 x box of Johnson Universal pH indicator strips


pH test strips for testing Metal Cutting Fluid.

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pH 7 Buffer / Calibration Solution


Ideal as a replacement for the buffer solution in our premium metal cutting kits.

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Palintest Compact Chlorometer / Colorimeter


This chlorine tester (colorimeter) will test for both total chlorine and free / available chlorine.

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MX10, MX25, MX45 Dipslide Incubator Thermometer


Replacement thermometer for MX10, MX25 and MX45 incubators.

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MX2, MX8, MX10 Dipslide Incubator Power Adapter


Incubator adapter / power supply compatible with MX2, MX8 and MX10 incubators.

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