1) Add the items you require to your basket by using the green "add to cart" button on the product page.

2) Click the "proceed to checkout" button (or if you wish to add more items to your cart, click the "continue shopping" button).

3) Click "proceed to checkout".

4) If you have an account with us, log in using your e-mail and password. Otherwise, enter your e-mail address in the "email address" box then click the "create an account" button.

5) Fill in the form. For security reasons, we will ask for your date of birth. If you call us for any account information, you will be asked for your DOB to prove you are the account holder. Then, click the "register" button.

6) If you wish to use a different billing and shipping address, untick the "Use the delivery address as the billing address." checkbox then click the "add new address" button. Otherwise click the "proceed to checkout" button.

If you wish to add any comments to your order (not a purchase order number as this is entered later), add them to the comment box (please note, these will not show up on the invoice).

Then click "proceed to checkout".

6) Tick the terms and conditions box then click "proceed to checkout".

7) Enter your purchase order number in the red box at the top.

8) Select your desired payment method. For purchase orders, the bank transfer is the most popular method.

9) If you have selected a bank transfer, you will then see the below screen (for other payment methods, you will see a checkout success page and your order will be packaged/shipped accordingly and no further steps are required).

Click the "I confirm my order" button.

10) You will now see the final page which will list the amount to pay, the account to pay it into and the reference to use. Please make sure you enter this reference when making the bank transfer or the payment will not be allocated to your account (which will result in delayed shipment).

Any transaction fees that your bank charge you for money transfers are the customer's responsibility. Shipment will be delayed if the amount received is less than the requested amount. Dip-slides.com will not cover any transaction charges from your bank. As such, please ensure that you instruct your bank to pay any transaction charges.

Your order will be dispatched once payment has cleared into the above bank account.

If you need any help placing an order, please let us know and thank you for using dip-slides.com.