Below are our range of dip slide test kits. Each test kit has been created to provide you with everything you need to allow you to start testing straight away. Kits also include a discount as opposed to purchasing items separately.

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Bacteria Dip Slide Test Kit


The Bacteria dip slide test kit contains 1 GNAT MX2 Dipslide Incubator and 20 BTM2 Dipslides (ideal for testing for bacteria).

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Metal Cutting Fluid Bacteria & pH Test Kit


Correctly check your metal cutting / metalworking fluids for bacteria and pH levels to comply with HSE guidelines. This metal cutting test kit includes an easy to follow instruction booklet.

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Premium Metal Cutting Fluid Bacteria & pH Tester Kit


Premium Metal Cutting Fluid Kit with 8 dipslide capacity incubator, 2 boxes of dipslides and a pH Tester.

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Water Bacteria Test Kit


Use this kit to test for bacteria, coliforms, pH, Salinity, Temperature, TDS and conductivity.

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Fuel Bug / Bacteria Test Kit


The Fuel Bug Bacteria Test Kit is ideal for testing diesel / fuel for microbiological contamination. Test for aerobic bacteria, yeasts, moulds and sulfate / sulphate reducing bacteria. Currently out of stock due to new SRB tests being developed.

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Cosmetics Bacteria & Yeasts / Moulds Test Kit (Microbial Test Kit)


This cosmetics test kit contains 1 GNAT MX2 Dipslide Incubator, 20 Cosmetic Dipslides and 40 sterile swabs.

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E.coli Test Kit


Escherichia coli kit includes 2 x boxes of dipslides, incubator (up to 2 dipslide capacity) and UV lamp for identifying e.coli colonies.

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Cooling Water / HVAC Test Kit - Bacteria, Yeasts, Moulds, pH, TDS, Temp, Chlorine Test


This cooling water test kit helps you to determine microbiological contamination levels in cooling water applications as well as general water quality.

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Educational Bacteria & pH Test Kit


This educational kit contains dipslides, a dipslide incubator of your choice, swabs and pH strips. It will allow you to conduct bacteria, yeasts, moulds and pH testing experiments.

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Dental Dipslide Starter Kit


Our Dental Dipslides Starter Kit for testing Dental Unit Waterlines includes 1 x box of Dental Dipslides and 1 x Gnat MX2 incubator.

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