Why our customers prefer our dipslides

Creating the perfect dipslide takes years of experience and technical skills. Get it wrong and you will have multiple issues with the dipslide tests (agar dropping off during incubation/transportation, tests providing inconsistent results, paddle breaking etc). 

At Dip-Slides.com, we only supply the highest quality dipslides that are used by thousands of companies worldwide and trusted to provide accurate and reliable results every time. The dipslide tests themselves have a variety of features that when combined, provide the perfect testing equipment. We have listed some of these features below.

Flexible Dipslide paddle


The Dipslide has a flexible paddle that can be angled up to and over 90 degrees in each direction. This allows the user to not only apply pressure to the paddle for surface sampling but also avoids too much pressure being applied (avoiding dipslide agar damage).

Easy drainage slide

The dipslides are designed to allow water to run off of the slide quickly after being submerged in the testing solution. 

Quick drain design

Recessed handle

The Dipslide has a recessed handle built into the slide. Unlike other dipslides on the market, ours incorporate a handle into the design that is also recessed into the cap. This can help prevent cross contamination when testing liquids as your fingers holding the slide have additional protection (e.g. should you submerge the slide too far into the solution).

Recessed handle

Dual sided Dipslides

All our dipslides have dual sided agars. Depending on the slide, these can test for different applications. Each side has a generous sized agar approx 4mm deep as shown in the below picture (dipslide has been cut for demonstration purposes).

DUal sided agars

Side identifier

Each slide has an identifier on one side. This allows you to know which side was used for which test (e.g. if testing two different areas). It also allows you to identify which side has which type of agar.