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Dipslide Capacity

Dipslide Capacity

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Dip slide Incubators

We offer a range of dipslide incubators that incubate from 1 to 45 dipslides depending on which you choose. Many of our microbiology incubators can be used out in the field (portable dip slide incubator) or in the laboratory. Our Mini dipslide incubator (the MX2) is one of our most popular incubators at only 15cm wide and can incubate two slides at a time making it ideal for small scale testing.

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GNAT MX2 Dipslide incubator


Our GNAT MX2 incubator is the smallest in our range and is designed specifically for Dip slide applications that only require 1 or 2 samples to be taken.

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Orion MX8 Dipslide incubator


Our Orion MX8 incubator is designed specifically for use in Dip slide applications of up to 8 samples.

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MX10 Dipslide Incubator - Variable Temperature


This incubator can be used for either dip slides or petri dishes.

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Challenger MX25 Dip Slide incubator - Variable Temperature


Tough, robust exterior with a polycarbonate clear lid.

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Ranger MX45 Dip Slide incubator - Variable Temperature


This incubator features a carry case and can hold up to 45 dip slides.

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MX2, MX8, MX10 Dipslide Incubator Power Adapter


Incubator adapter / power supply compatible with MX2, MX8 and MX10 incubators.

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MX10, MX25, MX45 Dipslide Incubator Thermometer


Replacement thermometer for MX10, MX25 and MX45 incubators.

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Incubator in car power supply


12v car cable for use with our dipslide incubators.

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