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Your destination for high quality dip slides (manufactured in the UK). We only sell dip slides and dipslide incubators, allowing us to specialise in providing you with quality products you can rely on. We offer discounts on volume orders and can ship worldwide with rapid delivery times e.g. Shipping to USA in as little as 3 working days.

Let our dipslides conveniently solve your bacteria testing requirements.

Agar Wars : Malt Extract vs Rose Bengal

Welcome to Agar Wars. Malt Extract and Rose Bengal are two of the most commonly used agars for testing yeasts and moulds . They both adequately...

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How to use a dipslide

Wash your hands and use appropriate protective clothing.   When using a dipslide, it is important that your skin does not contaminate the dipslide...

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Donkey Milk: Bacteria Friend or Foe

As with quinoa, avocado and coconut milk, donkey milk has in recent years been touted as the next big thing. Pope Francis is a fan and Cleopatra...

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UK manufactured Microbiological Dipslides 

High Quality Microbiological Dipslide

Demand for a high quality Microbiological dipslides to be available worldwide has been increasing over the years, this has resulted in poor quality and unreliable slides entering the market. At, we have decided to expand our sales of quality dipslides around the world and have set up this site specifically for this.

Due to bulk volume, we can offer some great discounts with prices as low as $23.14 per box (10 dipslide tests per box). 

If you have any questions or would like further information on our products, please contact us and we will be happy to help.