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1 x box of Johnson Universal pH indicator strips

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  • 1 x box of Johnson Universal pH indicator strips (0 - 14)
  • 1 x box of Johnson Universal pH indicator strips (6.5-10)
  • 1 x box of Johnson Universal pH indicator strips
1 x box of Johnson Universal pH indicator strips

pH test strips for testing pH levels of Metal Cutting Fluid.

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Please select pH Range
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About the 1 x box of johnson universal ph indicator strips

Testing the pH of metal cutting fluid can indicate whether levels are corrosive. Low pH levels can be caused by the presence of bacteria. This is why using dipslides and pH strips together gives a fuller indication of the 'health' and quality of your cutting fluid.
Ideally, you do not want your cutting fluid to have a lower pH than approx 8.5 as any fluid that is too acidic will corrode metals. However, you don't want a pH level that is too high as it can pose a risk to health (skin irritation etc).

When you carefully dip the indicator strip into fluid, the strip will change colour in accordance with its pH level. These indicator strips are colour fixed and non-bleeding so results should be clear and accurate.

Each box of pH indicator strips contain 100 strips. A colour indicator chart is also included.

You have two options to choose from:

0 -14 pH range (0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14)

6.5 - 10 pH range (6.5-6.8-7.1-7.4-7.7-7.9-8.1-8.3-8.5-8.7-9.0-9.5-10.0)

Please choose your preferred option from the dropdown.

Customer Questions


You mentioned regarding pH levels should not be too high as it can pose a risk to health. Is there a guidance for the upper limit. I know my lower limit is 8.5.


Hello, the HSE advise to "follow your suppliers recommended levels of fluid concentration (refractometer) and ph". As such, we would suggest contacting your fluid manufacturer for further details. Hope this helps.


Are your pH strips manufactured to a set standard i.e BSI or another?


There is no standard as such. However the product's manufacturer is ISO 9001 registered. The products themselves are tested and approved using NIST approved pH buffer solutions.

Additional Details

Product Reference : JUPH014 / JUPH6510

Internal catalogue reference : DS001-86

Product external rating on

5.0 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings

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