Laundry Total Count Dipslides

Linen / laundry dipslides

Dipslides for microbiological monitoring of linens / laundry textiles. These dipslides will help laundry processors manage and control bio contamination risks within their facilities.

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Type of Laundry Dipslide

There are currently two options when purchasing our Linen/laundry dipslides:

Our general health 'Total Count' laundry dipslides will give you an idea of the amount of aerobic microbes that may be present in your sample. The microbiological colonies that grow on this dipslide appear as red spots making them easy to count and evaluate the level of contamination.

Alternatively, you can choose our pseudomonas & coliforms laundry dipslides. Pseudomonas bacteria can be particularly prevalent in hospital / healthcare textiles. Pseudomonas bacteria can cause a wide range of infections including skin, urine, ear, lung, eye, blood, abdominal, bone and joint, soft tissue and wound infections.

Coliforms (often referred to as a fecal bacteria) indicator organisms. Indicator organisms are used to evaluate the sanitation of a sample. If an indicator organism is present, this indicates that it is likely that pathogenic organisms are also within a sample. 

Choose from the dropdown to select the linen / laundry dipslide that you wish to purchase. The pseudomonas & coliforms dipslides have a lead time of 1-5 weeks).

You can also add sterile swabs to your purchase. This is for if you wish to swab dry linen samples. When testing dry samples, you can moisten a swab with sterile water, swab the sample and then transfer the sample onto the dipslide using the swab.

Alternatively, you may wish to use the dipslide directly on the sample linen. To do this, you would press the dipslide flat onto the linen sample before incubating. 

The method you choose may depend on local / company regulations / standards.

How to use the Linen / laundry dipslide

Simply remove the dipslide and press against the sample for approx 10 seconds. Replace the slide back into the tube and incubate for 24-48 hours. 

A comparison chart is included so you can easily compare your results.

Surface testing

Step 1 : For Surface Testing

For surface testing, press the dipslide onto the surface. If needed, place a finger on the bottom of the slide (on the plastic, not the agar) to apply extra pressure.

Incubate the dipslide

Step 2 : Incubate Slide

Label the tube with the included stickers then place the slide into an incubator and allow to incubate.

compare dipslide results

Step 3 : Compare results

Count the amount of colonies that have grown on the slide and compare them to the comparison chart provided.

Linen / Laundry microbiological management regulations

There is a lot of legislation regarding microbiological testing of laundry.

You can may wish to refer to / research any of the following standards relevant to your location:


ASTM E2274-09

ASTM E2406-09


BS EN 14065

Dipslides can also be used to test laundry equipment, surfaces and water.


Specific References