SRB Test Kit (includes incubator)

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  • SRB Test Kit (includes incubator)
  • SRB Test Kit (includes incubator)
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SRB Test Kit
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SRB Test Kit including 2 boxes of SRB tests / dipslides and 1 x SRB incubator.

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Product Information
Shelf Life 6 to 8 months
Suggested Incubation Temp 30°C

About Our srb test kit (includes incubator)

Contents of the SRB Test Kit

2 x boxes of SRB tests (20 tests)

1 x SRB Dipslide incubator

About the SRB Test Kit

Our sulphate reducing bacteria tests are a simple to use test for SRB. The test contains culture gel that will turn black if sulphides are present in the sample that you have tested / applied to the gel.

The change in colour can be compared with the included chart so that the user can assess the level of contamination.

The SRB test incubator has been specifically designed for the incubation of our SRB tests. The 10 individual test slots allow 10 tests to be incubated at once. The incubator is pre set to 30 degrees which is the correct incubation temperature for these tests. This incubator incudes a power pack with plug compatibility for UK, Europe, Australia and America.

This is our recommended incubator for use with our SRB tests.

This kit is at a special price that offers the buyer a small saving over buying the items separately.

More information about these individual products can be found here:

SRB Tests

SRB Incubator

How to use the SRB Test Kit

Remove SRB test kit cap.

Remove SRB test cap

Remove one SRB test from the SRB test kit and unscrew the cap (anticlockwise) to remove it.

Add 2ml of sample fluid to the SRB test.

Add 2ml of sample fluid

Add 2ml of sample fluid to the SRB test. 

Replace the cap

Replace the cap

Replace the cap on the SRB test place in the SRB incubator. Incubate at 30 degrees C for up to 5 days. Check the test daily for the first three days.

Compare results

Check the SRB test

Compare the SRB colouration with the chart provided. If there is no colour change after 5 days, this indicates a negative result.

For incubation, our SRB tests will need to be used with our compatible SRB incubator which can be found here: SRB Incubator

Industry sectors include

  • Industrial Water
  • Cooling tower water
  • Boiler feed water
  • Process water
  • Metal cutting fluids

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