Cleaning Check Kit with Virucidal Disinfectant

  • Cleaning Check Kit with Virucidal Disinfectant
Cleaning Check Kit with Virucidal Disinfectant
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Help keep your workplace clean and safe with our cleaning check kit. Kill viruses, bacteria and fungi using Virkon Disinfectant then check your cleaning regime using dipslides especially formulated to use on disinfected areas.

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About Our cleaning check kit with virucidal disinfectant

This kit includes everything you need to effectively clean and eradicate viruses, bacteria and fungi. Ideal for keeping your working environment as clean as possible.

As well as this, this unique kit allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your cleaning regime quickly and easily using our dipslides.

By using the dipslides, you get a general idea of how well your cleaning regime is working. Red spots will grow on the specially formulated dipslides if bacteria is still present after disinfection. The more red spots you have, the less clean the tested surface is.

As this test is easy to carry out, it is ideal for anyone who wants to make sure their hard surfaces (door handles, worktops etc) are as clean as possible. This kit is especially useful for establishments such as care/nursing homes which are required to adhere to high cleaning protocols and also wish to provide evidence of this (e.g. for resident's family members or inspections).

Kit contents:

  • 1 box of CCV Dipslides
  • 1 GNAT Dipslide Incubator
  • 1 x Virkon Tablets (10 x 5g) Virucidal / Bactericidal / Fungicidal Disinfectant
  • 1 x 500ml Virkon Spray Bottle

How to use the kit

Wipe with virkon

Step 1 : Wipe surface

Using the Virkon solution, spray the surface to be cleaned and wipe with with a clean cloth. Leave the surface for 10 minutes to give the virkon time to work and in turn inactivate a large array of viruses/bacteria and fungi.

Wipe with virkon

Step 2 : Wipe with a wet cloth

Wipe away the Virkon residue using a wet cloth. This is to avoid someone making skin contact with the Virkon residue and in turn potential having a reaction or transferring residue into the eyes/mouth.

Remove the dipslide

Step 3 : Remove a slide

Remove a dipslide from a tube taking care not to make contact with the agar (the jelly like substance on the side of the dipslide).

Test  the surface

Step 4 : Press gently on the surface

Press the dipslide gently onto the surface you have just cleaned. Turn the dipslide over and again press the agar gently down onto the surface (you can test two different areas with the same dipslide).

Test  the surface

Step 5 : Incubate the slide

Replace the dipslide into the tube and place it into the incubator for 48 hours.

Test  the surface

Step 6 : Count the dots

After 48 hours, remove the dipslide from the incubator and count the amount of red spots that have grown. Then compare this to the chart provided.

What is Virkon Disinfectant?

Virkon kills 99.999% of micro-organisms within 10 minutes contact time. It is proven effective against all major pathogens as well as 300 strains from 76 bacteria, 47 strains from 35 viruses and 45 strains from 17 fungi.

You can read regarding the effectiveness of virkon in relation to the current pandemic here:

The 10 x 5g Virkon Disinfectant tablets make up 5 litres of disinfectant. Each tablet makes 500mls of disinfectant solution. These tablets create a pink solution which once activated, has a shelf life of up to 5 days. The built in colour indicator will allow the user to see if the solution is still active / effective.

An easy way to apply Virkon disinfectant is by using the official Virkon spray bottle which is included in this kit. It comes with Virkon disinfectant labels and holds 500ml of solution.

Will The Test Detect Viruses?

No, the test will check for bacteria. The reason for this is bacteria can be detected and grow on a dipslide within 48 hours. If bacteria is present on the dipslide in a high number, it would imply the surface was not cleaned properly and as such any viruses or fungi that were present before have not been killed/inactivated properly.

Dipslide Technical information

These dipslides feature an Agar that measures total count bacteria / microbes. Due to the addition of TTC, bacterial colonies will grow as easy to view red spots on the agar.

These dipslides will allow you to see if any bacteria is still present on a surface / equipment after cleaning. This will give you an indication of whether your cleaning regime is effective.

These dipslides include neutralisers and are especially formulated for testing areas that have been cleaned using disinfectants / cleaning agents.

Please note, due to the inclusion of neutralisers, these dipslides have a shorter shelf life than standard dipslides. You can find the expiry date of the current batch on the cleaning check dipslide's page under the 'buy now' button.

Why do I need a neutraliser to check the effectiveness of my cleaning regime?

Neutralisers are added to agars to 'neutralise' the effect of disinfectants / germicides. This is useful if you wish to test the efficacy of disinfectants / germicides.

Often cleaning agents stop the growth of micro-organisms but do not kill them. Due to the inhibitory effect that disinfectants have on micro-organisms, residual disinfectant can affect the reading on a dipslide and give a false result.

This is where our special neutraliser comes in. It 'neutralises' the residual disinfectant meaning that the inhibitory effect that the disinfectant has on the micro-organism will no longer be active. This means that if any micro-organisms are still there after disinfection, they will now grow on the dipslide allowing for a much more accurate result of the efficacy of your cleaning regime.

In conclusion, the neutraliser aids in the recovery of surviving / viable organisms. The use of a neutraliser helps ensure that the efficacy of a cleaning agent isn't overestimated.

So if the surface that you are testing, still has micro-organisms on it after cleaning, these will grow on the dipslide. They will grow as colonies and will appear as red dots. These are easy to count and you can compare the amount with the included chart to assess the level of contamination.

These dipslides come in a pack size of 10 slides per box. The slide has a flexible paddle and is located in a shatterproof container.

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