Metal Cutting Fluid Dipslides (Box of 10)


Metal Cutting Fluid Dipslides (Box of 10) used to comply with HSE testing regulations.

Each dipslide box includes 10 dipslide tests. 

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Order 51 boxes (510 dipslides) or overPrice per box is £11.33 Up to £32.14
Order 101 boxes (1010 dipslides) or overPrice per box is £10.89 Up to £107.75
Order 251 boxes (2510 dipslides) or overPrice per box is £10.26 Up to £427.48
Order 501 boxes (5010 dipslides) or overPrice per box is £9.70 Up to £1,131.88
Order 1000 boxes (10000 dipslides) or overPrice per box is £7.94 Up to £4,024.54

Data sheet

Front Agar TypeNutrient
Front Agar ColourStraw
Front Agar GrowthTotal Count (TTC / Red Spot)
Rear Agar TypeMalt Extract
Rear Agar ColourBrown
Rear Agar GrowthYeasts & Moulds
Shelf Life6 to 8 months
CertificationISO 9001

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  • Asked by Name removed
    on 13 August 2016
    What is the shelf life of the metal cutting fluid dipslides? Answer:
    Hello, All dip slides have a minimum of 6 months shelf life (maximum of 8 months). If you have any further questions, please let us know.
  • Asked by Name removed
    on 23 November 2016
    Do you have these currently available? If so can you advise on the lead time? Answer:
    Yes, these are in stock and available for dispatch. Delivery varies depending on location but dispatch time is usually same day (if ordered during business hours).
  • Asked by Name removed
    on 12 December 2016
    does it need to be paced into an incubator or can it simply set out in ambient temperatures? Answer:
    Hi, we recommend the use of an incubator as this gives a constant temperature of 30 degrees c and will give more accurate results.
  • Asked by Name removed
    on 21 June 2017
    On HSE's website it says to search for 'microbiological + dipslides'. Are these dipslides suitable for metal fluid testing? Answer:
    Hello, Yes, these microbiological dipslides are the tests that we recommend for this application. They test metal cutting / working fluids for bacteria as well as yeasts and moulds and are popular with all of our customers that work in this industry. As you can see by our chart on this page, we have added HSE guidelines to help you assess how to proceed once you have evaluated your level of contamination.
  • Asked by Name removed
    on 22 June 2017
    I am testing 2 machines using the same brand of cutting fluid and for the second time the readings are 1st machine-lots of mould and no bacteria 2nd machine-lots of bacteria and no mould. what is the reason to this if any. please advise.regards, Rick Thompson Answer:
    Hello,Due to the amount of factors involved in contamination, it is likely that each machine will have different microbiological contaminants.Each machine can become contaminated through many different means e..g mould spores can come in through a window/door or on someones clothes (and in turn enter the fluid). Bacteria can be introduced through hands, hair, skin, sweat, saliva, raw materials such as water or tools and this can be made worse by differing fluid quality e.g pH levels.It is definitely not unusual for each machine to have a different level / type of contamination.Hope this helps.
  • Asked by Name removed
    on 29 June 2017
    I have just ordered an orion incubator & MCBTM2 dip slides - does a comparison chart come with either of these for comparing the test results? (as shown in step 4 of the instructions above) Answer:
    Hello,Thank you for your order. The dipslides come with a simple comparison chart inside each box. However, the chart on 'step 4' can be downloaded from There are also examples of the MCBTM2 dipslides after incubation (on under the "READING THE RESULTS" section.Hope this helps.
  • Asked by Name removed
    on 13 July 2017
    Do you have a similar table to the bacterial content for the mould growth - especial with the HSE advice on acceptable levels as I am unable to find reference to mould growth on the HSE metal working fluid pages Answer:
    Hello, As far as we are aware there are no specific guidelines regarding the yeast & mould count. However, we have contacted the HSE to see if we can get further clarification on this. We would also recommend that you discuss this with any health and safety liaisons that you have. This being said, if your fluid shows a high yeast / mould count, we would suggest that action is required.

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