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Nutrient + Malt Extract Dipslides (Box of 10)


The BTM2 Dip Slide provides moulds / yeasts on one side and the total count on the other. It can be used to test/monitor the levels of fungi, aerobic bacteria and yeast.

Each dipslide box includes 10 dipslide tests. 

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Data sheet

Front Agar Type Nutrient
Front Agar Colour Straw
Front Agar Growth Total Count (TTC / Red Spot)
Rear Agar Type Malt Extract
Rear Agar Colour Brown
Rear Agar Growth Yeasts & Moulds
Shelf Life 6 to 8 months
Certification ISO 9001
Suggested Incubation Times 24 - 120 Hours
Suggested Incubation Temp 30°C

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  • Asked on 17 June 2016 Hi, do we require to use an incubator for these slides? Answer:
    Hi, we recommend the use of an incubator as this gives a constant temperature of 30 degrees c and will give more accurate results.
  • Asked on 17 June 2017 Can the dipslides be used without an incubator? I don't want to have to purchase an incubator because I can't afford it, and I am only wanting to test the creams and lotions I make for my own use. If I left the dipslides in a warm room for several days, would that ultimately give me an accurate reading? I don't mind having to wait several days. Thank you, Suzanne Answer:
    Hello, Dipslides will need to be kept at a constant correct temperature to provide accurate results. As such, we only recommend using an incubator that can be configured to meet this requirement / the temperature required for the dipslide.
  • Asked on 02 October 2017 dipslide instructions indicate 24 to 48 hr incubation. What do I tell the customer if they read after 24 hrs and there is no growth and then there is some in 48 hrs and more in 72 hrs. They want to go with the 24 hour rdg and we are in conflict-I say if slow growers show up in 72 hrs than the microbes are there and the systems should be treated. Answer:
    Hello, The nutrient side should start to show bacterial growth after 24 hours (assuming an incubator is used). After 48 hours, you can take your final reading. If incubating after 48 hours, it is important to note if any further growth is "new" growth or "increased growth". e.g. additional red spots or simply larger red spots. We would always suggest waiting the full 48 hours to make sure that the bacteria has grown enough so it is visible to the human eye in 'red dot form'. Of course, if the slide is heavily infected after 24 hours, it's pretty safe to assume after 48, it will be worse and as such, action can be taken (e.g. another test to confirm the results or action taken in line with your risk assessment). The Malt extract side can take a lot longer (up to 120 hours) due to the time it takes for moulds/yeasts to grow.
  • Asked on 12 April 2018 Hi, I want to know what is limit for Fungal Growth. Your literature says Mold can be identified only as Light Medium and Heavy so what would be acceptable limits for garments of Food Processing Industry. In case of TBC/TTC no. of Colonies can be counted through dots and ETSA has a limit of 20 spots for same. BR Manish Answer:
    Hello, I'm afraid this is not something we could advise on. You would need to speak to the appropriate regulator regarding this.
  • Asked on 18 April 2018 Hi, I am currently using the product shown in the link below, but is this the best comparative product that you supply? Kind regards, Hannah Answer:
    Hello, Yes, the dipslides in the link you provided use Nutrient + tcc and Malt Extract (which is the same as out own Nutrient + Malt Extract Dipslides (TTC = Red spot dye). Hope this helps.

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