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Diesel Bug Dip Slides Tests (Box of 10)

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  • Diesel Bug Dipslides
  • Diesel Bug colonies
Includes TTC
Red Spot Dye
Diesel Bug Dipslides

Diesel / Fuel Bug Testing Dipslides (pack of 10 slides)

Pack Size
10 dipslides

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Made in the UK
Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified conditions.
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Product Information
Front Agar Type Nutrient TTC
Front Agar Colour Straw
Front Agar Growth Total Count (TTC / Red Spot)
Rear Agar Type Malt Extract
Rear Agar Colour Brown
Rear Agar Growth Yeasts & Moulds
Shelf Life 6 to 8 months
Certification ISO 9001
Suggested Incubation Times 24 - 120 Hours
Suggested Incubation Temp 30°C

About the diesel bug dip slides tests (box of 10)

Our DBBTM2 dipslides are suitable for testing diesel / fuel applications. These fuel / diesel bug dipslides test for a total bacteria count on one side and yeasts and moulds (fungi) on the other side. These dipslides feature red spot dye on the bacteria testing side which means that the colonies will show as red spots. This makes the bacteria colonies easy to view and count. Our dipslides are an easy and effective way to test if your fuel is contaminated. Once dipped in the sample and incubated, you can then count the colonies / spots and compare with the chart provided. A step by step pictorial guide can be found below.

What is diesel bug?

When water is present in a fuel tank / system, it can cause micro-organisms to grow that will contaminate the fuel. The contaminants create a sludge like waste that can cause damage / corrosion to an engine or other parts. Examples of this are blocked filters or fuel pump failure / blockage. 

Diesel / Fuel Bug can also cause deterioration of the fuel itself and higher rates of fuel consumption.

If left unchecked, a buildup of 'fuel bug' organisms can result in total engine failure. 

If your fuel tank isn't maintained on a regular basis and fuel is left standing for a long time, this can cause already present micro-organisms to multiply. Hot weather conditions will also contribute to worsening any infestation. 

Fuel / Diesel Bug Dipslide Applications:

  • Marine diesel fuel systems
  • Rail diesel engines
  • Agricultural equipment (tractors etc)
  • Motorhomes
  • Haulage
  • Fuel distribution systems

How to test diesel / fuel using DBBTM2 dipslides

  1. Carefully collect a sample of fuel. You may want to wear gloves whilst testing your fuel.
  2. Dip the slide in the fuel for approx 10 seconds. Completely immerse both sides.
  3. Allow excess fuel to drain from the slide.
  4. Return the slide to its container and replace the cap.
  5. Incubate the slide for 24 - 48 hours.
  6. Analyse your results using the enclosed comparison chart.

In order to properly incubate your dipslides, you will need to use a dipslide incubator. You can view our range here.

Remove Diesel Bug slide from tube

Step 1 : Remove slide

Carefully remove the sterile Diesel Bug dip slide from its tube ensuring that no contact is made with the agar (to avoid contamination).

Surface testing

Step 2 : If Surface Testing

For surface testing, press the Diesel Bug dipslide onto the surface. If needed, place a finger on the bottom of the slide (on the plastic, not the agar) to apply extra pressure.

Liquid Testing

Step 2 : If liquid testing

For liquid testing, immerse the Diesel Bug dipslide into the fluid for 10 seconds then remove and allow to drain for a few seconds.

Swab Testing

Step 2 : If swab testing

Apply a sample of the test substance to a sterile swab and gently apply to the agars.

Incubate the dipslide

Step 3 : Incubate Slide

Label the tube with the included stickers then place the slide into an incubator and allow to incubate.

compare dipslide results

Step 4 : Compare results

Count the amount of colonies that have grown on the slide and compare them to the comparison chart provided.

Diesel Bug / Fuel Dipslides Features

Flexible paddle

Flexible Paddle

Each dipslide features a virtually unbreakable and flexible paddle allowing for even, full surface testing.

Easy run off design

Easy Run Off Design

Due to the design of the dipslide, fluids will drain off quickly during testing.

Recessed Handle

Recessed Handle

Each slide has a handle built into the lid that is recessed to help keep your fingers dry during testing.

Side Indicator

Side Indicator

One side of the slide will have a circle indicator so you know which side was used for testing which type of contaminant.

Dual sided paddle

Dual Sided

Each dipslide is dual sided to allow multiple contamination testing with one test.

Thick reliable Agar

Thick Reliable Agar

Each agar is thick (approx 4mm) and raised above the dipslide to allow for easy surface testing.

Reading the results

Nutrient Side

Level of infection in liquids







Approx colonies per agar







Example Image

102.jpg 103.jpg 104.jpg 105.jpg 106.jpg 107.jpg

Level of infection on surfaces

0.4 2.5 12 40 100 250

Malt Extract Side

Level of yeasts in liquids







Approx yeasts colonies per agar







Example Image

Yeast dipslide growth Yeast dipslide growth Yeast dipslide growth Yeast dipslide growth Yeast dipslide growth Yeast dipslide growth

Level of yeasts on surfaces







Malt Extract Side

Level of moulds




Example Image

Light mould growth on slide Medium mould growth on slide heavy mould growth on slide

Customer Questions


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Hello, Shipping depends on your delivery address. We use either UPS, DHL, APC, DPD, FedEx or Royal Mail depending on the location.

Additional Details

Product Reference : DBBTM2

Internal catalogue reference : DS001-37

Product external rating on

5.0 out of 5 based on 1 customer ratings


Download Malt Extract Comparison Chart

Malt Extract Comparison Chart
Malt Extract comparison chart in JPG format

Download (1.77MB)
Download MSDS

MSDS Sheet for Dipslides

Download (278.29KB)
Download Nutrient Comparison Chart

Nutrient Comparison Chart
Nutrient comparison chart in JPG format

Download (1.62MB)
Download Diesel Bug Datasheet

Diesel Bug Datasheet
Diesel Bug Dipslide Datasheet (PDF)

Download (1.75MB)
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