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Diesel Bug Dip Slides Tests (Box of 10)


Diesel / Fuel Bug Testing Dipslides (pack of 10 slides)

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Diesel Bug Dipslides

When water is present in a fuel tank / system, it can cause micro-organisms to grow that will contaminate the fuel. The contaminants create a sludge like waste that can cause damage / corrosion to an engine or other parts. Examples of this are blocked filters or fuel pump failure / blockage. 

Diesel / Fuel Bug can also cause deterioration of the fuel itself and higher rates of fuel consumption.

If left unchecked, a buildup of 'fuel bug' organisms can result in total engine failure. 

If your fuel tank isn't maintained on a regular basis and fuel is left standing for a long time, this can cause already present micro-organisms to multiply. Hot weather conditions will also contribute to worsening any infestation. 

Our dipslides are an easy and effective way to test if your fuel is contaminated.

Gas Bug Dipslide features

Fuel bug dipslide tests

Fuel / Diesel Bug Dipslide Applications:

  • Marine diesel fuel systems
  • Rail diesel engines
  • Aviation Fuel
  • Agricultural equipment (tractors etc)
  • Motorhomes
  • Haulage
  • Fuel distribution systems

Our BTM2 dipslides are perfect for testing diesel / fuel applications. This product listing price is for 1 box of 10 slides.
These dipslides test for total bacteria count on one side and yeasts and moulds on the other.

Product Key

NutrientStrawTotal Count (Red Spot)MaltBrownYeasts & Moulds

These slides feature red spot dye which means that the bacteria colonies will show as red dots. If you prefer a slide without red spot dye, our RBS slides provide the same results as the BTM2 but without the dye. 

How to test diesel / fuel using BTM2 dipslides

  1. Carefully collect a sample of fuel. You may want to wear gloves whilst testing your fuel.
  2. Dip the slide in the fuel for approx 10 seconds. Completely immerse both sides.
  3. Allow excess fuel to drain from the slide.
  4. Return the slide to its container and replace the cap.
  5. Incubate the slide for 24 - 48 hours.
  6. Analyse your results using the enclosed comparison chart.

In order to properly incubate your dipslides, you will need to use a dipslide incubator. You can view our range here.

How to use a dipslide for fuel bug testing

Testing fuel for Sulphate Reducing Bacteria

Sulphate reducing bacteria can corrode metal at a very rapid pace if the fuel contamination is particularly bad. This can cause major problems especially with oil pipelines. We sell SRB dipslides in boxes of 10. Please see our SRB slides here.


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Diesel Bug Dip Slides Tests (Box of 10)

Diesel Bug Dip Slides Tests (Box of 10)

Diesel / Fuel Bug Testing Dipslides (pack of 10 slides)

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