Excel compliance sheet (for metal cutting test kits)

  • Metal cutting excel record sheet download
Metal cutting excel record sheet download
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Free download of an editable Excel document for recording bacteria, yeasts, moulds and fluid concentration levels for metalworking applications.

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About Our excel compliance sheet (for metal cutting test kits)

You can now download our editable Excel file and keep your cutting fluid records stored digitally. Simply click the 'Add to cart' button above and go through the checkout as usual (the product is free / you will not be charged). You will then receive an e-mail with a link to download the Excel file.

Bacteria Record sheet

Bacteria Record Chart

Record your bacteria levels

concentration Record sheet

Yeasts Record Chart

Record yeast levels

moulds Record sheet

Moulds Record Chart

Record your mould levels

pH Record sheet

pH Record Chart

Record your pH levels

concentration Record sheet

Concentration Record Chart

Using your refractometer, record your fluid concentration levels.

How to use the file

Once you have opened the file, you will see 4 sheet tabs at the bottom ("Type machine here, Type machine here (2), Type machine here (3) and Type machine here (4)"). Each of these sheets can be edited and we suggest allocating one sheet per machine.

The document is designed to span three A4 pages (landscape) should it be printed.

Step 1 : Fill in the machine name

At the top of the document you should see a box with 'Machine Name' in it. Next to this will be the words "Type machine name here". Enter the machine you are going to be testing in the "Type machine name here" box. This will then result in the machine name being replicated down the document. This is so if you have to print out the document, the name of the machine is at the top of each of the three pages.

Step 2 : Fill in the date in the bacteria level section

The dates at the top of each section are in DD/MM/YYYY format (e.g. 20/01/2019). First start by editing one of the dates in the "bacteria Levels" section. Since all the tests listed in this document are generally carried out at the same time (and as such on the same date), the document will replicate the date you have entered into all the tests on the sheet. All dates can be edited manually if required and once edited will override the automatic date propagation form the 'bacteria levels' section.

Step 3 : Mark the results

The final step is to mark the results on the charts. This can be done by placing an X in the box next to your CFU reading under the correct date. The box will then turn black to allow you to visualise your results.

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