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pH 7 buffer sachet / Calibration Solution 20ml

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  • pH 7 buffer solution sachet
pH 7 buffer solution sachet

Easy to use pH buffer 7 sachet for calibrating pH tester electrodes. Calibrate within the sachet (no separate container required). Ideal as a replacement for the buffer solution in our premium metal cutting kits.

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About the ph 7 buffer sachet / calibration solution 20ml

A convenient alternative to bottles of pH buffer.

NIST traceable, easy to use 20ml pH 7 Buffer sachets. Single use sachets for quick and accurate calibration. 

Calibrate the pH tester electrode within the sachet - no need for a separate container to pour the pH buffer into.

To calibrate, insert electrode into the sachet, calibrate, rinse and discard the sachet.

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Additional Details

Product Reference : PH720

Internal catalogue reference : DS001-120

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