Ranger MX45 Dip Slide incubator - Variable Temperature

  • Ranger MX45 Dip Slide incubator
MADE IN THE UK under ISO 9001
Ranger MX45 Dip Slide incubator
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This dipslide incubator features a carry case and can hold up to 45 dip slides. Variable temperature control capability. Includes an in car power supply.

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About Our ranger mx45 dip slide incubator - variable temperature

Ranger MX45 Dipslide Incubator

  • Set your own temperature using the variable temperature dial.
  • Incubates up to 45 dipslides or 3 stacks of 100mm petri dishes
  • Incubator - 12 Volts DC
  • Temperature control technology
  • Complete with mains power pack (100-240v AC) with plug compatibility for UK, Europe, Australia and America.
  • Temperature range: ambient + 5 to 45 degrees Celsius +/- 0.5 degrees Celsius
  • Dimensions External (approx) : 230mm Height X 195mm Width X 400mm Length.
  • Dimensions Internal (approx) : 130mm Height X 150mm Wide X 310mm Length.
  • Robust outer case with internal storage for wires and power pack.
  • Includes an in car power supply.
Robust Aluminium Metal Case

Robust Aluminium Metal Case

The MX45 incubator has a soliud shell covered in aluminium, creating a strong and robust incubator.

Large robust carry handles

Large robust carry handles

With two large carry handles, the MX45 dipslide incubator is easy to carry despite its larger size.

Dual Locking clasps

Dual Locking clasps

Avoid unauthorised access to your test samples with two lockable metal clasps.

Metal corner protectors

Metal corner protectors

The eight metal corner protectors on the MX45 allow it to resist damage from knocks and bumps.

Internal Validation Thermometer

Internal Validation Thermometer

Aninternal thermometer is provided to allow visual confirmation of the temperature inside the incubator

Recessed Handle

Variable temperature control

Control the temperature manually from 5 - 45 decrees celsius easily using the temperature dial.

This incubator features a carry case with a handle that allows for easy transportation.

The heat reservoir chassis and temperature control feature enables optimum temperature distribution without the use of fans. The incubator is safe and reliable for long term incubation use.

This incubator is compatible with all of our dipslides.

Before using the incubator

After removing packaging, check that all components (thermometer, mains power pack and 12v cable) are present. To become familiar with the settings etc, it may be best to test the incubator before use (as described below). The inner lid will need pressing down at all of the corners as it is a tight fit.

Plug in the mains power pack via the socket at the rear of the incubator. Switch on the incubator and set the temperature control to the quickest 37°C reference point. There is no on / off switch as the incubator is designed for long term operation. Make sure that the internal clear lid is always on during use. The outer lid can be removed if desired.

The power light (red) and the heating light (yellow) should be illuminated and the incubator should be left for 30 – 40 minutes to stabilise. During operation, the yellow heating light will turn on and off as the incubator requires heat.

You will now need to check that the thermometer is at 37°C. After this, you can set the control to the temperature that you require. Allow a period of stabilisation time between temperature adjustments. The incubator is now ready for use.

Things to remember

The incubator needs to be kept out of direct sunlight.

The incubator can be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Avoid leaving the incubator connected via the in car charger for longer than 5-6 hours without running the engine. Always have the outer lid closed when using the incubator in a vehicle.

The MX45 incubator is designed for long term use and does not require maintenance.

Do not modify the cables supplied as this can be dangerous.

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