Orion MX8 Dipslide incubator

  • Orion MX8 incubator
  • MX8 8 slide incubator
MADE IN THE UK under ISO 9001
Orion MX8 incubator
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Our Orion MX8 incubator is designed specifically for use in applications where up to 8 dipslides require incubation at the same time.

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About Our orion mx8 dipslide incubator

Orion MX8 Dipslide Incubator

  • Incubates up to 8 dipslides
  • Temperature pre set to 30 degrees celsius
  • Incubator - 12 volts DC
  • Complete with mains power pack (100-240v AC) with plug compatibility for UK, Europe, Australia and America.
  • Dimensions: 22 (w) x 13 (L) x 14 (H) cm
  • You can purchase a compatible in car power supply here.

This incubator features a robust ABS plastic moulded body with individual wells for each dipslide. There is also a durable lid for protecting the incubator during transit if used at several different sites.

No set up is required with this incubator. The temperature is pre-set so it is ready to use.

There is an option to purchase an incubator pre set at 35 degrees C rather than the default 30 degrees C. There is a lead time of 4 weeks with this option. Please choose from the drop down to choose your incubator.

Using the dip slide incubator

Once you have received and unpacked your incubator, firstly make sure that the lid is secured before powering up.

Next, connect the mains power pack to the low voltage point on the left of the case (12 v).
Both indicators (power and heat) should be lit. The yellow light (heat indicator) will cut in and out as temperature is reached.

We recommend that you allow the incubator to stabilise by allowing a warm up period of 2 hours before placing the dipslides inside. Once you have placed the dipslides within the incubator, replace the lid quickly to ensure optimum temperature distribution.

Checking the incubator temperature

You can check the temperature of the incubator by filling a dipslide tube with water (approx 20mm), immersing a thermometer / thermocouple within the water and closing the incubator lid. Leave the incubator for 2 hours before reading the temperature.

Customer Questions


Can the Orion MX8 dip slide incubator run for 120 hours?


Hello, There is no restriction on the incubator running time.

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Internal catalogue reference : DS001-28

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