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MX10 Dipslide Incubator - Variable Temperature

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  • MX10 Dipslide Incubator
  • MX10 dipslide incubator
MX10 Dipslide Incubator

This 8 dipslide capacity incubator can be used for either dip slides or petri dishes. It also has variable temperature control.

Made in the UK
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About the mx10 dipslide incubator - variable temperature

Discovery MX10 Dipslide Incubator

  • Variable temperature dial. Set to required temperature.
  • Incubates up to 8 dipslides or several 100mm petri dishes
  • Temperature range: ambient + 5 to 45 degrees celsius +/- 0.5 degrees celsius
  • Incubator - 12 Volts DC
  • Temperature control technology
  • Complete with mains power pack (100-240v AC) with plug compatibility for UK, Europe, Australia and America.
  • In car power adapter supplied
  • Dimensions: 27 x 21 x 10 (H) cm#
  • Includes an in car power supply.

MX10 Dipslide Incubator Features

8 Dipslide Capacity

Incubates 1-8 dipslides

The MX10 can hold up to 8 dipslides and uses a heat reservior to keep a constant temperature

Plug Adapters

Easy snap on plug adapters

Easy 'snap on' plug adapters ensuring that the MX10 can be used in the UK, Europe, America and Australia.

Temperature Control

Variable temperature control

With the MX10, you can change the temperature from 5 - 45 ℃ using the built in dial.


Internal Thermometer

The MX10 also includes an internal thermometer allowing visual confirmation of the internal temperature..

Pressure Valve

Automatic Pressure Valve

To avoid a pressure vacuum occuring with the MX10, an automatic pressure valve is installed near the handle.

Case Clips

Heavy duty case clips

The MX10 features two thick heavy duty case clips allowing strong durability and an airtight seal.

Carry Handle

Carry Handle

The MX10 Incubator features a strong fold away carry handle allowing easy portability.


Removable Label

A space to label the incubator is included with a removable name tag (protected by a plastic slide on front).


In Car Charger Included

With an in car power supply, samples can start incubating as soon as they are taken on the way back from the test location.

This incubator can be used for either dip slides or petri dishes. The MX10 features a robust case (with handle) that keeps the contents safe and makes it easy to transport.
Heat distribution is guaranteed by the heat reservoir chassis that is implemented into the design.

Includes easy to view thermometer within the incubator. This incubator is compatible with all of our dipslides.

Using the MX10 incubator

If using the mains power supply, attach the adapter for your location and plug into the socket on the left hand side of the incubator case. If using in the car, switch to the cigar lighter cable.

The incubator temperature control has a quickset guide point at 37°C, every quarter turn of the control equates to an increase or decrease of 7°C.

The actual temperature should always be checked using the internal thermometer. Before putting dipslides inside the incubator, the incubator should be warmed up for a stabilisation period of 30 minutes.

Customer Questions


I would like to purchase some (MX10 Dipslide Incubator), From your store/company to our office in Dubai,
We are interested in buying your products. I look forward to a successful transaction with you.


Thank you for contacting us. All products can be purchased via our website either via credit/debit card/paypal or bank transfer.
If you have any specific requirements, please do let us know before ordering.


Can I buy the internal thermometer separately?


Yes, the thermometer can be purchased via our website (please use the search box at the top of our page for the term 'Thermometer').


How many 9-cm Petri dishes can be incubated at the same time? Yours sincerely.


For 9cm dishes, you should be able to fit 5 inside the MX10.

Additional Details

Product Reference : MX10

Internal catalogue reference : DS001-29

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