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SRB Incubator / NRB Incubator : 10 test tube Incubator

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  • SRB Incubator / NRB Incubator
  • Sulphate reducing bacteria & Nitrite reducing bacteria tests tube incubator
SRB Incubator / NRB Incubator

SRB / NRB incubator specifically designed for use with our Sulphate reducing bacteria & Nitrite reducing bacteria tests tubes. Exclusive to

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About the srb incubator / nrb incubator : 10 test tube incubator

SRB / NRB Dipslide Incubator

Exclusive to, our SRB / NRB Incubator is specifically designed to be used with our SRB / NRB tests which have smaller tubes than our regular dipslides. Using this special incubator ensures that the tests are properly incubated using a constant, stable temperature.

PLEASE NOTE: this incubator is only compatible with the SRB / NRB tubes and will not fit regular dipslides.

SRB / NRB Incubator Features:

  • This incubator will incubate 10 tests at once.
  • The incubator temperature is pre set to 30 degrees C (recommended temperature for SRB / NRB tests).
  • 12 volts DC.
  • Complete with mains power pack (100-240v AC) with plug compatibility for UK, Europe, Australia and America.
  • Dimensions: 13.1 (w) x 21.5 (L) x 12.5 (H) cm
  • You can purchase a compatible in car power supply here.

The SRB / NRB incubator has a robust ABS plastic moulded body with individual holes for each test.

The individual holes have been specifically designed for the size of the SRB / NRB tubes which are smaller than traditional dipslides.

There is also a durable lid for protecting the incubator during transit if used at several different sites.

The incubator is ready to use. No set up is required and the temperature is pre-set to the appropriate temperature for SRB / NRB tests.

Using the SRB / NRB Incubator

  1. Before powering up the SRB / NRB incubator, make sure that the lid is secured.
  2. Next, connect the mains power pack to the low voltage point on the left of the case (12 v).
  3. Both the power and heat indicators should be lit. The yellow light (heat indicator) will cut in and out as temperature is reached.
  4. We recommend that you allow the incubator to stabilise by allowing a warm up period of 2 hours before placing the test tubes inside. Once you have placed the test tubes within the incubator, replace the lid quickly to ensure optimum temperature distribution.

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Product Reference : SRB/NRBINC

Internal catalogue reference : DS001-167

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