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FFP3 R D Respirators | Pack of 10

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A pack of 10 FFP3-R-D face masks from Italian Manufacturer BLS.

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About the ffp3 r d respirators | pack of 10

These respirators are FFP3-R-D (EN 149:2001 + EN 149:2003) and made by the BLS Group. BLS have been manufacturing masks since 1970 and are a trusted brand name in Italy (Milan) where they were founded.

You can view the full history of the company as well as their other masks/respirators via

These respirators are CE 0426 and there are 10 valved masks in each box.

Are these masks reusable?

The "R" in FFP3-R-DN means that the mask is reusable. However, this does not mean it can be re-used over and over again (they are still disposable masks). Instead, when stating reusable on a disposable respirator like this, it means that "the ability to clean the respirator has been tested" and as such the respirator can be worn for a second shift e.g. two 8 hour shifts with a clean between shifts.

When should I dispose of the mask?

For legal reasons, we cannot say how long you should wear the mask for during the pandemic. If you are purchasing these respirators to wear when you leave the house during the current pandemic e.g. to go to the local supermarket, you can use the above information to estimate when you should replace each respirator.

Has this Respirator passed the Dolomite test?

Yes, the D in FFP3-R-D means the respirator has passed the EN149 tests. This is where dolomite dust is checked to see if the air flow through the respirator is impaired at high levels. For more details, please search google for "Dolomite dust clogging test".

Is the respirator Valved?

Yes, it has an outflow valve in the middle of the mask.

Additional Details

Product Reference : FFP3RDBLS

Internal catalogue reference : DS001-161

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5.0 out of 5 based on 1 customer ratings