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Cosmetic Dipslides (Box of 10)

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Data sheet

Front Agar Type Tryptone Soya (TSA)
Front Agar Colour Straw
Front Agar Growth Total Count (TTC / Red Spot)
Rear Agar Type Rose Bengal
Rear Agar Colour Pink
Rear Agar Growth Yeasts & Moulds
Shelf Life 6 to 8 months
Certification ISO 9001

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  • Asked on 18 August 2017 Hi I am wanting a microbial test kit for natural skin care. Do these cosmetic dip slides do both bacterial and yeasts and moulds? What is the life span of the dip slides? Could you also let me know the cost of shipping to New Zealand, post code 0185. Thank you Christine Thorburn Answer:
    Hello, Yes, these dipslides test for bacteria (total count with red spot dye) on one side and yeasts and moulds on the other. These dipslides have a minimum of 6 month's shelf life. Shipping is calculated during the checkout once an address is provided.
  • Asked on 03 September 2017 Hello, Do these show the current bacteria, yeast and mold present in your products or do the test accelrate the growth process. Answer:
    Hello, The slides show the current bacteria, yeast and mould present in the sample at the time of testing.
  • Asked on 17 September 2017 Do these kits contain animal extracts ? I understand the nutrient is usually meat extract and wish to avoid this. Thanks Answer:
    Hello, All agars contain gelatin. All ingredients are listed in the datasheets available at the bottom of the page.
  • Asked on 10 October 2017 Can you keep the test for longer than the recommended 120 hours if you are trying to determine the shelf life of your products? Answer:
    Hello, Yes, you can incubate the slides for a longer time if required.
  • Asked on 16 October 2017 Sorry, I have another question. I recently opened a small online body care business. I want to make sure that my products are free from bacteria and mold, as I don't use artificial preservatives in my products. Unfortunately, I am a new business and don't have enough money for the incubator only the slides. I know the incubator keeps the slide at a constant temperature. If the slides are not maintained at a consistent temperature will the results be accurate? I live in a very warm climate, If condensation builds up in the tubes will this affect the accuracy of the test? Answer:
    Hello, Dipslides need a constant temperature for the results to be accurate. As such, we do not recommend using dipslides without an incubator as the reading may be incorrect (e.g. not all the bacteria / mould could have grown / be visible). Condensation is normal in the tubes as this is the moisture evaporating from the agar.
  • Asked on 04 January 2018 Hi, Do you ship to Australia? Answer:
    Yes we do. However, our website can only quote for non remote areas. If you believe you may be in a remote area, please contact us via e-mail with your address before ordering.
  • Asked on 16 January 2018 So is this a test kit to find bacteria on old makeup? Can you do it all at home? Answer:
    Hello, This is generally purchased by manufacturers or small businesses that wish to test their make up to check if contamination has occurred during manufacturing. It can be used at home should you wish to test your own make up. Please note, an incubator would be required which can either be purchased separately or as part of the kit at
  • Asked on 30 January 2018 Hi guys, I am starting a natural/organic skin line can you recommend a product i can use to test for mould and bacteria? to ensure my preservatives are working well? I plan to test my facial creams each month for 6 months we are hoping we can meet a product expiry date of 6 months. Local skin care companies suggest testing for the below contaminants: Enterobacteriaceae: These are a family of gram-negative bacteria that include salmonella and E Coli, neither of which are permitted within cosmetic products. Brasiliensis: This is the new name for Aspergillus Niger. It is the traditional black mould fungus that you may have seen on cosmetic jar products before. Albicans: Candida Albicans is a fungus that is usually found on the skin and as such is quite a common contaminant in cosmetics. Aeruginosa: This is another gram-negative bacteria and one that is found living on our skin as well as in the soil and on many solid surfaces. Aureus: This is sometimes called Golden Staph. Answer:
    Hello, We usually recommend our cosmetic dipslides. These feature TSA and Rose Bengal Agar. TSA promotes the growth of a wide range of micro-organisms. Organisms such as Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa can grow on this agar. However, the agar is not selective so although the colonies growing may be S.aureus, the agar is for total count applications and there would be no way to distinguish which colonies are a specific micro-organism. You would know whether it is contaminated and how contaminated it is but no specifics. Rose Bengal agar is a yeasts and moulds agar. It will promote growth of a variety of mould / yeast species including Aspergillus niger but again, like TSA is not a selective agar and is designed to show you the total mould / yeasts contamination in your sample. We do have some selective dipslides for the micro-organisms that you mention, these are linked below: Enterobacteriaceae and staphylococcus: Pseudomonas and coliforms: https://dip-slidescom/home/15-pseudomonas-macconkey-3-dipslides-box-of-10.html?search_query=Pseudomonastest&results=2 Hope this helps. Please contact us if you have further questions.
  • Asked on 01 February 2018 Are these testers accepted for GMP Manufacturer use as reliable testing result? Answer:
    Hello, Dip slides do not fall under any of the categories for which GMP is normally expected and we are not registered as such. You would need to contact your local regulator to check if DipSlides would qualify for this (as this could vary depending on country location).
  • Asked on 14 February 2018 Hi can we use these slides for shampoo as well as normal tap water and at which temperature shall it be incubated. .Is it easy to deliver to jordan samples for testing purposes. We shall need huge quantities to test according to GMP Answer:
    Hello, Thank you for contacting us. Can you please e-mail us what your detection requirements so we can confirm which dipslide would be best suited for your application?

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