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Ordering Policy

If you require this page as a PDF, please click here. is an online based business. This means that we do not offer the following services:

Payment Terms
We do not offer any payment terms. All items will need to be paid for before they are dispatched.

Offline ordering
We can not offer any payment methods other than the ones listed on our website. We do accept credit/debit card, PayPal, bank transfers and purchase orders all via our website.

Supplier forms
We can not open any attachments sent to us via e-mail. This is to protect systems from any malicious files that may be inadvertently sent to us (e.g. through a supplier request form sent from a compromised computer). Due to this, we can not fill in any forms / contracts sent to us. If you need our details for a form in order to add us to your systems, please see the below information to allow you to fill in the form. If any data is not listed below that you require, please let us know.

Supplier form details

The below details are often requested to allow customers to set us up as a supplier on their systems:

Company Name :
Russell Mainstream Supply Ltd ( is a subsidiary)

Company Number : 

Fife Resource Base
Unit 1, Farraday Road
United Kingdom 

Bank details for payments:
Account Number : 40225606
Sort Code : 09 06 66
Iband GB72ABBY09066640225606
Swift Code ABBYGB2L

Bank Address:
Santander Business Banking
Bridle Road
L30 4GB
United Kingdom

VAT Number : GB735321159