Beer Spoilage Detection Dipslides

Beer Spoilage Detection Dipslides

These dipslides detect presence and overgrowth of Lactic acid bacteria in beer.

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Product specification

Front Agar Type de Man, Rogosa and Sharpe (MRS)
Front Agar Colour Brown
Front Agar Growth Lactic Acid Bacteria
Rear Agar Type de Man, Rogosa and Sharpe (MRS)
Rear Agar Colour Brown
Rear Agar Growth Lactic Acid Bacteria
Shelf Life 6 to 8 months
Certification ISO 9001
Important information To ensure that we can offer our customers maximum shelf life, these slides are manufactured to order and as a result, delivery can be up to 5 weeks.

Lactic Acid Bacteria Testing

Intentional microbe growth goes hand in hand with brewing beer with brewer's yeast as an example of microbes that work in partnership with the industry.

However, not all microbes are welcome with some micro-organisms contaminating and spoiling the product. Contamination can come from various sources such as raw materials, malted barley and unclean equipment / bottles.

Spoilage Organisms

Although some bacteria cannot thrive due to the brewing process, Lactic acid bacteria can grow in these conditions. Lactic acid bacteria is essential to some types of brew (such as sour beers). However, if levels of lactobacilli are too high, an 'infection' can occur which then spoils the beer. Because lactic acid bacteria can be found almost anywhere, chances of overgrowth are likely. Any excessive contamination of the beer can cause changes in flavour (sour or buttery taste), odour and appearance.

MRS agar supports the growth of lactobacilli including Lactobacillus brevis (very common beer spoiling bacteria). These dipslides test for the lactic acid bacteria group as a whole and are not selective for specific strains. This dipslide also includes actidione (a fungal inhibitor). This should prevent yeasts and moulds from growing on the dipslide.

If you suspect a lactobacilli / lactobacillus infection, MRS agar dipslides can help you to confirm this. Alternatively, you may want to test your beer on a regular basis to be alerted to any potential problems before they arise.

Unlike basic formulations of MRS agar, cycloheximide has been added to these dipslides to inhibit the growth of yeast and other micro flora. This makes it easier for the user to view the lactic acid bacteria growth and assess the level of contamination.

Flexible paddle

Flexible Paddle

Each dipslide features a virtually unbreakable and flexible paddle allowing for even, full surface testing.

Easy run off design

Easy Run Off Design

Due to the design of the dipslide, fluids will drain off quickly during testing.

Recessed Handle

Recessed Handle

Each slide has a handle built into the lid that is recessed to help keep your fingers dry during testing.

Side Indicator

Side Indicator

One side of the slide will have a circle indicator so you know which side was used for testing which type of contaminant.

Dual sided paddle

Dual Sided

Each dipslide is dual sided to allow multiple contamination testing with one test.

Thick reliable Agar

Thick Reliable Agar

Each agar is thick (approx 4mm) and raised above the dipslide to allow for easy surface testing.

How to use the Brewery dipslides

1.Collect samples of your beer.

2.Twist the cap on top of the dipslide and remove it from its container / tube.

3.Make sure you do not touch the agar with your hands.

4.Immerse the dipslide within the beer sample for 10 seconds.

5.Once finished, remove the dipslide from the sample. Allow excess fluid to drain off.

6.Replace the dipslide within its container / tube.

7.Incubate the dipslide.

8.Compare results with the chart provided

Dipslides should be incubated for approx 48- 72 hours for best results.

Please note that the minimum order for these slides is 150 boxes and due to them being made to order, delivery may take up to 5 weeks. These dipslides will have a shelf life of 8 months+.


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MSDS Sheet for Dipslides

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