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Which dipslide is best for me?

Sep 19, 2018

Below are some of the most common enquiries that we receive regarding the correct dipslide for each application. We have answered some of these questions below in order to help others who may be looking for more information regarding which dipslide is best for them.

I need a general test that will show me a total bacteria count and yeast and moulds count
Our most popular general tests are our Nutrient and Malt Extract Dipslides. These dipslides are used in a large variety of applications. They give a total bacteria count on one side and a yeasts and moulds count on the other side.

I need to carry out weekly dipslide tests to check the general health of cooling / HVAC water
Our customers purchase our cooling water dipslides for this purpose. They will test for bacteria, yeasts and moulds.

I require a dipslide test to check for contaminants in metal cutting / working fluid.
We offer metal cutting fluid dipslides as well as a standard and premium metal cutting fluid testing kit that include incubators and pH testing implements.

I make lotions and other cosmetics. Is there a dipslide that you recommend?
You can purchase our cosmetic dipslides. These test for total bacteria count and yeasts and moulds. They contain Tryptone Soya agar (TSA) and Rose Bengal Agar. TSA is recommended for use in cosmetics testing.

Do you offer urology dipslides with CLED agar?
Yes, we have a CLED agar and MacConkey 3 dipslide that tests for urinary organisms and coliforms and is recommended for urine diagnostic use.

I need to test for Sulphate Reducing Bacteria
We have a SRB culture test. These tests are available in boxes of 10 and can be used on their own or can be used as complementary tests to our other dipslides (e.g fuel / metal cutting dipslides).

I require a test for diesel / fuel bug. Do you offer one?
Yes, we have total bacteria and yeasts and mould tests for fuel. We also have fuel bacteria kits that include dipslides, an incubator and sulphate reducing bacteria tests.

I need to test for bacteria and specifically coliforms in water.
Our MacConkey 3 and Plate Count dipslides would be appropriate for this purpose. As well as testing for coliforms, they also offer a general plate count that will show growth for viable organisms in water. The MacConkey 3 agar tests for coliforms and the Plate Count agar tests for a general organism count.

I make cheese, is there a total bacteria dipslide that is best for testing dairy products?
Our Dairy dipslides are perfect for this purpose. They have Plate Count agar on both sides which is recommended for testing for viable organisms in dairy products.

I need a drinking water testing dipslide that will show the most amount of organisms possible.
The R2A agar dipslides are ideal for testing potable water. They offer a more realistic bacterial count than traditional water testing agars. This is due to the R2A agar being a nutritionally reduced medium. It is better equipped to show growth of damaged and chlorine stressed bacteria from treated water. Other agars cannot always recover stressed organisms and therefore do not often provide a full picture of the water’s contaminants / microbiology.

Do you have an E.Coli test?
We offer a test that will show E.Coli growth under UV light. The E.Coli dipslide has plate count agar on one side (for a total count) and MacConkey 3 on the other (coliforms count). These dipslides can be used without a UV light if you only want to test for coliforms and a general plate count. If you specifically want to test for E.Coli, you will need to expose the dipslide to UV fluorescent lighting after the recommended incubation period.

I already use a dipslide from a different company and need to know what its equivalent is.
We have a ‘Switch to our Slides’ page that will help you to determine the best equivalent slide for the dipslide that you are already using.