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Rocol Medium Starter Kit (1-8 Machines)

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Medium starter kit developed in association with Rocol. Ideal for 1 - 8 machines.

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About the rocol medium starter kit (1-8 machines)

This small starter kit for testing metalworking fluids has been created in partnership with Rocol lubricants.

This kit will allow you to test the pH, bacteria and fungi levels of your MWF as recommended in HSE MW5 Guidelines.

Due to these kits being developed with Rocol, these kits benefit from a special lower price than if items were purchased separately.

Whats in The Rocol Small test kit

This kit contains: 

  • 1 X MX8 Dipslide incubator (8 dipslide capacity incubator) for incubating microbiological dipslides
  • 2 X boxes of Metalworking Fluid testing dipslides (20 dipslides)
  • 1 X box of 100 pH test strips (6.5 - 10pH)
  • 1 X full colour instruction manual with step by step instructions (including photos) and record sheets.

Easy to follow user manual / Recoding book

All of our Rocol kits come with a comprehensive manual explaining in detail how to perform each of the tests required. Each test guide has full step by step explanations accompanied with photos making sure that anyone can perform the tests without prior training.

The manual also includes:

  • Full colour photo comparison charts making it easy to see if your fluid's bacterial / yeasts / mould levels are too high.
  • Recording charts allowing you to record your bacteria, yeasts, moulds and pH levels. It also includes space for fluid concentration, temperature and tramp oil readings. This makes it a perfect log book to show any HSE inspector all the details they will need on a visit to your site.

Check your pH Levels

Testing the pH of metal cutting fluid can indicate whether levels are corrosive. Low pH levels can be caused by the presence of bacteria. This is why using dipslides and pH strips together gives a fuller indication of the 'health' and quality of your cutting fluid.

Ideally, you do not want your cutting fluid to have a lower pH than approx 8.5 as any fluid that is too acidic will corrode metals. However, you don't want a pH level that is too high as it can pose a risk to health (skin irritation etc).

Simple to use Incubator

This incubator is ideal for small scale incubation and is useful if you need several smaller incubators for more than one site. The eight chambers allow eight dipslides to be incubated at the same time (so you can test up to two machines at once).

There are no lengthy set up procedures, simply plug in and go (the incubator is already pre-calibrated for MCBMT2 dipsides). All you need to do is allow the incubator to stabilise for 20 minutes and then you can begin incubating as the temperature is already pre set.

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Internal catalogue reference : DS001-178

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