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To avoid packages being held in non temperature controlled courier warehouses over Christmas (which can damage dipslides), the final dispatch date is the 17th December (approx 11am GMT). Orders after this date will be dispatched on the 5th January.
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To make locating the dipslides you require easier, we have created this industry section. Simply select the industry you are in from below and the appropriate slides will then be displayed.


  • Cooling Water

    Our cooling water / HVAC dipslides detect bacteria, yeasts and moulds and will help you to comply with HSE ACOP L8 Maintenance and Testing Guidelines. Our cooling water kit includes the option to also test for pH, TDS, temperature and free and total chlorine.

  • Poultry

    Our poultry bacteria dipslides can be used to test drinking water, poultry housing and transportation. These dipslides test for total count bacteria and coliforms. Simply dip in or press against sample, incubate and read results / compare with included chart.

  • Metal Cutting

    Our metal cutting microbiological dipslides and test kits will help you to comply with HSE MW5 ('Managing sumps and bacterial contamination') Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations. Our kits contain everything you need to test for bacteria, yeasts, moulds, pH and fluid concentration. We also have a free editable excel sheet available to download that you can record your results on.

  • Urology

    Our urology testing products are diagnostic dipslides for UTI / urinary pathogens. These are popular due to their simple testing method. Simply dip, incubate and read results.

  • Cosmetic

    Cosmetic microbial test kit, dipslides and swabs to test for spoilage in cosmetic products. Test for bacteria, yeasts and moulds using our cosmetic dipslides. Use our sterile swabs to transfer samples onto the dipslides or simply dip the dipslide in the sample. Our cosmetic kit includes dipslides, an incubator and swabs.

  • Dairy

    Our Dairy Dipslides are ideal for detecting bacterial contamination in dairy products. These dipslides test for viable organisms in liquids (milk) or soft foods (butter, yoghurts). You can dip these slides in the sample, press them against the sample or use a swab to transfer the sample onto the dipslide.

  • Fuel

    Our fuel / diesel bug dipslides and kit will help you determine the level of microbiological contamination in your fuel. Protect your engine from fuel bug buildup with our easy to use dipslides. Simply dip, drain, incubate and then read and compare results with the chart provided.

  • Leather

    Our leather testing dipslides will test for bacteria, yeasts and moulds. They are easy to use. Press against the leather sample, place in the incubator and read results / compare with the included chart.

  • Beverage

    Test your beverage product for microbiological spoilage using our beverage dipslides. Our dipslides test for a wide range of micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts and moulds). Testing is easy. Simply dip in the beverage sample, incubate then read results.

  • Dental

    Our Dental Dipslides measure a heterotrophic total count and are ideal for testing dental water lines for bacteria. Bacterial colonies that grow on this dipslide appear as red dots that make them easy to count. Used by dental practices around the world.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Our environmental monitoring dipslides are ideal for air and surface sampling. They contain the neutralisers lecithin and tween which ‘neutralise’ the effect of disinfectants / germicides. This makes them ideal for use in environments that have been recently cleaned with disinfectants or that are regularly cleaned.

  • Swimming Pool & Spa

    Our swimming pool and spa dipslides will help you to test for bacteria in chlorine treated water. This particular test improves the recovery rate of chlorine damaged microbes so that a more accurate bacterial count is achieved. We also have dipslides for testing surfaces in leisure centres. These dipslides will test for bacteria, yeasts and moulds in damp, bacteria prone areas.

  • Brewery

    Use our brewery dipslides to test for the presence of / overgrowth of the beer spoilage organism: lactic acid bacteria. If your product is infected, it can affect the taste, odour and appearance of the beverage.

  • Textile

    Our textile dipslides will test for bacteria, yeasts and moulds and will help you to assess the level of microbiological contamination in textiles. These easy to use dipslides offer a simple and cost effective way of bacteria testing. The inclusion of red spot dye on the bacteria side of the dipslide helps the user view and count colonies as the bacteria will grow as red spots.

  • Paper Mill Dipslides

    Our paper / pulp dipslides will test for microbiological contamination in paper mill facilities. These dipslides can be used to test paper / pulp samples or equipment. These will test for total count bacteria and coliforms.

  • Well Water

    Test private water supplies using our well water dipslides. These dipslides will test for the indicator organisms coliforms as well as total count bacteria. Simply dip in sample, incubate and read results.

  • General Purpose

    Our general purpose dipslides are suited to many different industries including Food / Beverage, Industrial waters, Laboratory, Laundry, Koi pond water and many more. These dipslides test for bacteria, yeasts and moulds and are easy to use.

  • Linen / Laundry Dipslides

    Our general health laundry dipslides are here to help laundry processors to access the level of bio contamination in their laundry facilities. These dipslides test for aerobic microbes and will detect a wide range of micro-organisms. Laundry processors use dipslides as part of their monitoring programme in relation to standard BS EN 14065.

  • E-Coating

    Our E-Coat Dipslides will detect bacteria, yeasts and moulds in e-coating rinse waters. Help prevent biofilm buildup in your system by monitoring microbiological contamination with our easy to use dipslides.

  • Veterinary

    Our veterinary diagnostic testing tools help to determine if a cat or dog has a UTI. These easy to use dipslides detect urinary pathogens. Dip into a mid stream sample, incubate and read results.

  • Cleaning

    All of the dipslides in this category contain neutralisers for the most common cleaning chemicals. Neutralisers help improve the recovery of viable organisms that were damaged but not killed by cleaning agents. This makes them ideal for testing the efficacy of cleaning regimes.

  • Closed Loop / Closed...

    Our closed loop dipslides can be used to test closed circuit cooling and heating systems to help identify any potential microbiological growth that could affect the efficiency of the system.

  • Aqueous Tunnel Washers

    Our total bacteria testing dipslides are ideal for monitoring aqueous tunnel washers / spray wash systems as part of a control regime in line with HSE guidelines.

  • Potable Water

    Potable water / drinking water dipslide tests

    HPC tests are ideal for testing drinking water / potable water testing. HPC samplers test for heterotrophic plate count. Heterotrophs include bacteria, yeasts and moulds.

    These tests detect chlorine stressed / damaged micro-organisms as well as healthy micro-organisms. Due to this, HPC tests are often used to test chlorine treated water.

    These HPC tests are quantitative and more sensitive than traditional dipslides. This makes them ideal for applications where microbiological concentration limit guidelines are low (between 1 & 300 cfu/ml).

    Drinking water standards: the general accepted limits are 100 cfu/ml but please check with local guidelines.

  • Spray Booths

    Our spray booth dipslides allow you to monitor your reservoirs / troughs for contaminated water. Regular monitoring helps prevent uncontrolled build up of bacteria and potential legionella infection.

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